Appreciate the world around you

Available for iOS & Android

30 Days of Gratitude is an app for iOS & Android designed to help you to take the time to appreciate the things around you.

Each day you will be presented with a “value” that you rated as important. Your challenge is to take a photo of something that represents that value and rate how it makes you feel.

A new value will be sent to everyday with the idea being you take and rate at least one photo per day over a 30 day period.

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About Jaime Parnell

Jaime Parnell is a registered Clinical Psychologist and has maintained an ongoing interest and study in this area.

Jaime’s skills lie in providing a thorough assessment and tailoring interventions to individual needs.

Jaime developed 30 Days of Gratitude to complement her psychological assessment programs

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30 Days of Gratitude features:
Automatically selects your top 5 values based on a rating of a list of 47
Capture a moment directly from within the app
Share moments to your favourite social media sites
Change your 5 values at any time
Push notifications with new “Values” delivered daily
Customise the notification times to suit your needs


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